Update - Telkom Fiber Optic

Telkom Fiber Optic - Ready To Be Activated To Your Home

We are proud to announce that Telkom’s Fiber Optic to the Home is connected to the grid and now fully active in the Estate.

All residence that would like to get Fiber Optic to your Home installed can immediately apply for installation.

According to our Research, you have 2 choices.

Apply directly at Telkom, by clicking on the link below. However, there is a catch. You get logged into a 24-month contract with them, and they are very expensive on the Speed you select and on their Data Bundles.

For the current Best and Cheapest alternative, with no monthly contracts, go to WebAfrica by clicking on the link below. They rent Telkom’s Fiber from them; however, they will give you a much better and cheaper package compared to what Telkom can provide. The best part of it all, you do not have to deal with Telkom yourself.

After Clicking on the link below, agree to share your location with the website. Select your address. Next, under Fiber Providers, select OpenServe (This is Telkom), and then select your desired speed and data package. Do compare them yourself with Telkom’s packages so you can make an informed decision.

Fiber Optic Cable

You can apply via the website; however, for the fastest turn around speed, we suggest to call them directly at 086 000 9500 and tell them which package you would like to install in your home. Do note that the turnaround is 4 – 8 weeks before you have your Fiber Optic To Your Home up and running.

Hope this post has help you make an informed decision when it comes to your Fiber Optic To Your Home.


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