The Home Owners Association any of its Owners, Employees, Contractors or Agents shall not be responsible and disclaim all liability for any injury, death, loss or damage (whether directly or consequential) or for any expense of any nature whatsoever that maybe suffered by any person to his/her person or to his/her property as a result of, or which may be attributable directly or indirectly to the entry of this Home Owners Association or the use of any of the facilities within the Home Owners Association. Whilst every effort is made to secure and monitor the Home Owners Association and the registered homeowners, and all their agents, employees or appointees shall not be deemed to have warranted the safety of any person or property (whether movable or immovable) in the Home Owners Association. Any person entering these premises do so at their own risk and are to adhere to the Conduct Rules of the Home Owners Association.